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Item:Aluminum PANS
Body:2.5mm aluminum,white color ceramic coating
Bottom:2.5mm aluminum+ iron
Handle:bakelite handle with TPR coating
Lid:high tempered
Silver part:aluminum
Size A:14*6.0cm,handle:14cm approx.
B:16*7.0cm,handle:15cm approx.
C:18*8.0cm,handle:15cm approx.
D:20*9cm,handle:18cm approx.
E:24*4.2cm,handle:18cm approx.
Unit weight: A:0.25kg approx. B:0.35kg approx. C:0.40kg approx. D:0.48kg approx. E:0.45kg approx.
Color:see the left picture,custom color MOQ 2K
(remark:it is suitable for gas cooker, induction cooker and dishwasher)
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